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Reiki Price

  • Reiki 1st level
    INR 4000/- , 2 days, 2 hrs daily
    Includes Reiki Music CD and mantra Music CD, reading
    material, certificate

  • Reiki 2nd level
    INR 6000/-, 2 days, 2 hrs daily
    Includes Reiki Music CD and mantra Music CD, reading material, symbols practice, 7 Pranayams (which helps to open 7 chakras), certificate

  • Reiki 3rd Level (Master Level)
    -INR 12,000/-, 3 days, 2 hrs daily
    Includes everything from the above two levels


Reiki Courses at Om Yoga Meditation Centre, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

Reiki Meaning

Reiki is a word Japanese Language. Reiki, meaning universal life force energy. I the Japanese Language, “Rei” Means “Universal” and “ki” Means “Life force energy” We all people, (take birth) come into this world with this Universal force/power This is the most supreme power in the world.

History of Reiki

Reiki was established By Dr. Mikao Ushue at the end of the 19th century he was the principal of a Christian university in Japan some student ask him if he believed in the Bible. Dr. M.U. said yes, I believe in Bible. The students referred than to the Bible quoting text of Jesus when he made the sick well just through a touch. The students asked the doctor, How can we too treat people in this way? The doctor says I don’t know how it’s possible, but I believe it is it. The knew the possibility of Reiki without yet knowing the concrete theory.

Dr. Ushue ended up resigning from the university to dedicate his career to finding this “Life force”. He left Japan for Chicago University (U.S.A) for its redigiovs studies department .His practice in the U.S. was intense and frequent, but often without success . while in Chicago, however, he noticed that Buddhist monks practiced something like this sought. After treatment. For this reason. Dr. Ushue left Chicago University to return to Japan.

Back in Japan, the doctor studied with Bhuddhist monasteries, but without success. The then turned to Jain ideology and treatment, but his studies there were unsuccessful also.When his studies in Japan were exhausted, he moved he moved on to China. There he learned the language, practice and customs. But no “Life force”

He left china for India, where again he immersed himself in the culture by learning the language and Sanskrit Mantra Finally, he once again returned to Japan, where, with his new worldly knowledge, he knew much, but still he did know Reiki. However, after his study with Sanskrit Mantra, he was able to properly prepare himself for the twenty-One Day Practice. Finally, true Knowledge!

For the Twenty-One Day Practice, he chose the Kuriyama Mountain in Kyoto to ascend by himself with just twenty one stones. Atop the Mountain, the doctor prayed for twenty days without result. But on his final day, the twenty first, he found that upon opening his wyes to the surprise a single ray penetrated deeply into his presence. The doctor felt scared, unnerved as if perhaps he were dying. He fainted while the doctor lay still, he saw many colors pas before his eyes. These were like sparks, and the Doctor felt the life force of Reiki sparking inside of him.

Several hours later, he awoke feeling supreme, elated and powerful-he was successful!

Joyously, the doctor ran down the mountain, but not without trial. As the doctor ran, the doctor tripped on a loose stone, which split his toe. Blood pushed forth, and the doctor touched his wound channeling his new found power. After mere moments, the blood had not only stopped but the wound was healed entirely.

Back in town, the doctor was very hungry. An older man recognized the unshaven doctor as a holy man, so when advised the doctor to only eat soup or juice – after such a long fast, as is common with Holy Men, One should restart a diet. But the doctor said, “no, I’m famished” The doctor ate heavily. Yet remarkably was fine.

In the restaurant, the restaurantier’s daughter was experiencing bad tooth pain. Approaching her pain as a test for his success, the doctor applied Reiki treatment to the girl’s cheek, and her pain ceased. The doctor was ecstatic! After searching for fifteen years and twenty one days, finally the doctor had found, or earned, the understanding behind Reiki.

Elsewhere, an elderly man that Dr. Ushue once turned to back in the Jain monastery was experiencing the aches and pains of old age, especially of the knees. The doctor treated the elderly man, and he was healed.

Then at the beginning of the Twentieth century, the doctor took under wing a shining student named Chujiro Hayashi, an ex-Navy serviceman. Hayashi received full training of the Reiki practice. Dr, Ushue trained him with the idea of handing over the responsibility of his new founded Reiki school and study to Hayashi. Hayashi now a doctor himself, furthered Ushue’s theory by conipring the idea that Reiki is able to go to the roots of disease. Hayashi theorized that Reiki is not only a treatment, but also a protectorant – it can word off disease and ailment, too.

In 1935, a Japanese – American woman name Takata Hawayo was experiencing severe ailments and disorders after the passing on her husband. The disorders were so bad, that doctors advised he to return to her homeland of Japan for surgery. Hawayo, in compliance, Returned to Japan, but while she was in the hospital preparing for her operation, Hawayo came across a pamphlet advertising Dr. Hayashi’s Reiki clinic. She opted to leave the hospital and pending surgery to instead pursue treatment with Dr. Hayashi. After extensive treatments with Dr. Hayashi, Hawayo felt well again. Doctor could not find even truces of her previous almients, and the medical community dismissed her need for surgery.

After her full recovery, Hawayo took it upon herself to learn this practice, Reiki, and to treat and teach others around the world.


1. Muladhara chakra is located at the base of spine it creates kundalini energy which awakens our inner power and help to take away our fear, gives us self confidence. I t corresponds with our adrenal gland kidneys and uterus, I t helps with diseases related to feet, things and hips.

2. Swadhistana chakra is located 2-3 inches below the navel it helps with sex problems, self-confidence, emotional energy for work fertility, vterus problem.

3. The Manipura chakra is located just above the navel it help’s with stress depression, joint pain, constipation migraine, heart problems.

4. The Anahat chakra is located at the center of the chest. It affects love and emotions, the spiritual mind, kindness, helps you accept responsibility, patience. It affects the thymus gland, heart, blood lungs, anemia, blood pressure.

5. The Vushudda chakra is located in the middle of the throat. It helps with confidence emotional power. It affects the thyroid gland , voice, jaw and diseases related to the lungs.

6. The Ajna chakra is located between the eyes in the forehead. It’s located to will power intvition. It’s related to the pituitary gland, problems with nervous system and mind control, diseases related to hormons, headache ,sinus, eyes and ears.

7. The Sahasrara chakra is located at the crown of the head, it’s srelated to spiritual power, the pineal gland, depression and will power.

Instruction before the Treatment

1. Minimum 3-4 times, give Reiki to patient. Then Reiki will start to be effective.
2. For Reiki treatment, the atmosphere most be peaceful, Restful and comfortable for the patient.
3. The patient should wear comfortable clothing and should not wear glasses, jewelry or shoes.
4. Patient should recline on his/her back with a pillow under his/her head & knees.
5. It is important that the patients legs me outright in a straight position, not crossed or bent.
6. For first time patients, remind them that some patients do not feel well offer their first treatment. This is normal. The treatment will better offer 3-4 treatments.
7. Before applying Reiki treatment, it is compulsory that the teacher washes his/her hands with soap.
8. Be sure your (the teacher’s) fingers are always straight and together, not splayed apart. (correct form)
9. Leave only for emergencies. Otherwise, Reiki is always applied to the full body.

Reiki Ethics:

Just for today,
I will Live the attitude of gratitude
Just of today,
I will not worry
Just of today,
I will not be angry
Just of today,
I will do my work honestly
Just of today,
I will shone love & respect to all.

Synopsis of Reiki

Reiki is a simple truth the force of Reiki lies in human touch-to-touch and then (untouch), this is the beginning and end of Reiki. Reiki never leads us astray Ratheie it always gives us direction. Those who take (learn, even once) Reiki with them, Reiki will always stay with them.

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